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A Little Bit About Me

I never expected to be involved in birth work, yet five years later I am immersed in it loving every moment! My loving husband was the first person to educate me about my birth choices.  His encouragement and the birth of my daughter are the reasons why I work in this field. While pregnant with my daughter I became very informed about my body and natural child birth/labor. I read countless books and watched many online videos. I did not realize my passion for birth work until I was asked to be a doula for the midwife who was serving me. She took me under her wing and started me on this journey and I have never looked back.

Birth is one of the most sacred, compelling, beautiful, and healing events I have ever experienced. There is nothing compared to witnessing the birthing person bring forth a happy and healthy child. It is something I find incredibly joy-giving and satisfying. Labor In Love Midwifery seeks to serve birthing persons  so that they can have a safe and healthy birth experience.


2017 to Current Midwifery experience

Neonatal Resuscitation Certification

Basic Life  Support Certification

Phlebotomy Certification

Herbal and Homeopathic Training



A Little Bit About Me

Marlene offers: Childbirth Education, Labor and Birth support (virtual and in-person), Postpartum care (overnight support). Lactation counseling, Doula mentoring 

Marlene Morris is a spiritual black birth-worker with compassion, dedication and advocacy; she serves her community near and afar. She is based in Cleveland, OH; however she has attended births in five other states and three other countries including Virginia, Minnesota, Arizona, Alabama, Ghana, London, and Ethiopia. 

She has always been an advocate for family cohesiveness as well as for the voiceless in society. She has worked as a certified nurse’s assistant, a certified sitter through “Seeking Sitters,” a Health Connect One trainer for community-based doulas and has volunteered as a prayer coordinator for the Family Ministry Center, a court appointed special advocate for foster care children (CASA). She is also a volunteer doula for Northeast Ohio Doula Collective. 

For inquiries please contact her via phone or email: 

216 584-5683 



A Little Bit About Me

My name is Dezzie. I have two beautiful boys. I began my journey as a birth worker after having a home birth with my second son. I felt so empowered, in control and safe that I had to have a role in helping other women feel the same way. I understand that in the urban community, there is a greater need for proper knowledge in all things prenatal and postpartum. My goal is to become an excellent midwife and provide excellent holistic care to mamas all over Ohio!



A  Little Bit About Me

Jarriel is a labor/postpartum doula, girl mom, and wife.

She works with millennial couples to support them in creating an enriching and positively supportive environment to connect with themselves and their new family. Jarriel supports growing families at many different phases in their maternity journeys but they all have the goal to break out of the traditional molds and have the freedom to birth their family in their own way. 

In the last few years Jarriel has trained and certified as a professional birth and postpartum doula, and spent thousands of hours training, studying, and serving as a positive maternity coach to connect and cultivate an authentic partnership with first-time parents so they may grow from adulthood to parenthood. 

Conact Jarriel



Facebook ;




A Little Bit About Me 

Certified Birth Doula, providing support and encouragement to expectant mothers and their families during pregnancy, labor/delivery and postpartum periods. 

You have to be passionate about this work. I have been working with families for the last 20 years as an educator. I’ve been certified on how to help children from pre-k on up through high school. I started to wonder how I could help children and their families in other ways? Start from the very being I thought….show my passion to support and encourage their families before they are born. Becoming a Doula let me do just that.

Working as a Doula for the last 3 yrs has been a rewarding, exhilarating and profound experience. I’ve been allowed to connected with families on a more solemn level. These connections are long-lasting and shared.

When a client trusts you to assist, support and participate with one of the most precious times in their lives it creates a bond like no other. I hold this bond in a sacred place. You’ve joined this family at a place in their own personal history and they have allowed you to take part.

I’m part of a movement that will decrease the mortality rate of women during their labor process. Reassure expectant mothers of their capacity to participate in this life changing event with knowledge, capabilities and strength during the birth of their child. Also promote supportive strategies and actions leading to a feeling of increased fulfillment when going through the birth process.

Contact Nicole

In Good Hands Doula Services

(216) 272-1435


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A Little Bit About Me

My name is Sherveriria Harris and I am the founder and owner of Karibu Mama Pregnancy Services formerly known as Gifted Doulas llc, established in 2018.  Karibu Mama means “welcome mother” and  provides competent, assessable, affordable child birth education, lactation,  and full circle doula services to local families (full circle means from conception through 1 year postpartum).  My mission is to improve birth outcomes, and  put an end to the high infant mortality and maternal morbidity rates for black birthing peoples in North East Ohio. I bring a unique combination of formal birth education and lived birth experiences to my work in maternal support and education.

I have been married to my husband for 19 years and we birthed five children naturally. I am a stay at home mom and achieved my lactation goals for 4 out of my 5 children, I nursed them for at least their first year. My experiences with nursing my first child, and ultimately  stopping before I was ready,  fuels my passion to support and educate BIPOC lactating families.  I have provided breastfeeding and natural birth support to friends and family for over 20 years. In 2014, I  received  my Bachelor of Arts in Social Science with a concentration in education, from Ashford University. In 2015 I developed and administered a birthing program for a local non-profit agency.  In 2018 I began taking yearly formal doula trainings with several national known doula agencies:  DONA, Sufficient Grace Ministries, Ancient Song, Madrella and SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Attendants. Shafia Monroe Consulting Birthing Change trainings  were very impactful to my birth-work, they focused on the traditions of the African American Midwife, and providing culturally competent care to families. In 2019 I began my formal lactation training with The Healthy Children Project and received my Certified Lactation Consultants license  from ALPP. I am currently studying to become an Advanced Certified Lactation Consultant.  I also continue to study traditional birthing practices around the world especially those cultures of the African Diaspora.

My passion for formal birth-work blossomed in 2015 while working for a local non-profit to develop a program to help improve the birth outcomes of black mothers in Stark County. I quickly learned that there is a void in quality, skilled, racially competent maternity education and support for black birthers in North East Ohio. I can attest to having first hand knowledge of pervasive medical racism,  a lack of skilled support, mistreatment and the ignorning of BIPOC bodies and thier voices within the maternal health care system. I made a commitment  to serve black women unapologetically and to do all that I can to be sure that they are seen, heard, educated, loved and fully empowered. It is my goal for Karibu Mama to be a safe space for BIPOC  families to receive the physical, emotional  and educational support they need and deserve to thrive.

I love spending time with my family, live jazz music, traveling and my grand babies. 

Contact Us on: 





Phone: 330-526-6224

Please follow Karibu Mama on social media and contact us for care if you’re pregnant.



A Little Bit About Me

Tomesha offers Childbirth Education Classes, Childbirth & Postpartum Planning, Birth Doula (DONA State Representative), Postpartum Doula , Bereavement Support, Lactation Consultant , Registered Kangaroula. Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Mrs. Tomesha D. Walker is the "God Mother to Millions", a Birth Doula, consultant, speaker, and trainer that specializes in developing and implementing programs to assist pre and post-pregnancy women.

Mrs. Walker primarily works with parents, hospitals, nonprofits and community organizations that seek tailored techniques and solutions for women and youth.

As an International Bestselling author, Mrs. Walker uses her books to bring hope, support and encouragement women with the skill and knowledge to birth in peace and power.

Her network of support rejoices to create "Fearless Moms" and was inspired by her Birth Doula experiences along with personally birthing four children, one of which was premature and a kidney transplant recipient.

Mrs. Walker's books including Purpose in Pain, Pregnancy Prayers Vol. 1, First Year? No Fear! and The Real Me series, provide hope, a better understanding of pregnancy, the phases, resources and how to defeat the natural fears that come as a part of the journey with encouragement.

Join the movement for moms today, we all need one another.



 A Little Bit About Me

I am the owner of Birth Your Way Doula Services. I'm the mother to 3 children and an avid homeschooler. I've been a doula and lactation specialist for 3 years. Im also a Massage Therapist of 10 yrs and I incorporate those skills in my doula services. I provide prenatal massage, postpartum massage, and infant massage for colic and breastfeeding babies. My passion is to make mothers feel as stress-free as possible during and after pregnancy by way of touch therapy



A Little Bit About Me

Hi! My name is Manndy and I am a postpartum doula and owner of Nurturing Noelle Postpartum Doula Service, LLC. I provide in-home and virtual postpartum planning and support for mamas and families after the birth of a baby.

Before realizing my passion for moms and babies, I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree from Kent State University and have been working as a Radiation Therapist at Cleveland Clinic Mercy for 8 years. I am a proud mom of 3- Niya(15), LJ(3) & Lola(11 months). After experiencing my own postpartum struggles, I was inspired to look into how I could provide support to women during this overwhelming time.

As your postpartum doula I will help ease the burdens of daily life so you can enjoy and bond with your baby. I can care for baby while you rest, meal prep, or even fold laundry and wash dishes. I can assist with breastfeeding and also provide you with evidence based information and local resources.

My goal is to restore peace in your household and empower your family to confidently transition into life with a new baby. I look forward to supporting moms & families in Canton, OH & surrounding areas!



A Little Bit About Me

​CBE certified, safe sleep certificated

Certified labor, birth, postpartum doula. She is a mother, wife, birth educator, and intuitive empath, who believes in using our five senses along with breathwork and visualization as mental escapes and readiness to reshape the birth experience.

Romanique, works with growing families providing partner support, engagement skills, meditative techniques, and postpartum support. Through the prenatal, perinatal, and maternal stages, she draws from her knowledge and experience of social work, postpartum depression, fetal demise and continued education, to advocate for optimal health for expecting families.

By guiding and educating mothers and families on self-advocacy and informed decisions, Romanique strives to empower birthrights. Her objective is for every mother to embrace their journey of motherhood and help align mindsets with wishes for birth to stimulate positive birth outcomes.

In her free time, she enjoys crafting, journaling, and activities with her family.

Contact: 216 245 3106



A Little Bit About Me

My name is BreJona and I am a Full Spectrum Doula, covering birth, postpartum and bereavement. I provide emotional, physical and educational support to people transitioning through their pregnancy.  Prior to becoming a doula, I've spent years working in mental health and addiction recovery. Unlike most, my doula journey stemmed from being hypervigilant about starting my own family. Instead of accepting fear, I became educated which allowed me to lean into my community and remove the uncertainty. I received my initial training in 2020 and since then I have added Childbirth Education and Placenta Encapsulation. 

As a doula, I am here to help people embrace their pregnancy with confidence. I will not minimize any emotions, fears or pains but rather normalize your experience and help you activate your autonomy as you prepare for your baby. I strive to make every step personalized and intentional. I enjoy helping people tailor their experiences so that they feel empowered and in tune with their bodies. While my work primarily focuses on the comfort and preparation of the birthing person, I also work to maintain an environment in which family members also feel educated and supported.



A Little Bit About Me 

Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula Bachelors of Science in Public Health at The Ohio State University with a focus in American Sign Language. I became a doula to support and advocate with the women of color in my community because the rate of infant and maternal mortality in Ohio is increasingly terrifying. I promote holistic births and birth planning for hospital and home births. I aspire to become a midwife of my own practice in this lifetime but for now, I’m fighting the fight for women’s reproductive rights and advocating for them & their families firsthandly as a full spectrum labor birth and postpartum Doula. No matter if it’s a first time mom, mom of 3, or mom of 6, you’ll never know how it’ll go. But there’s always been one moment that's for sure: watching a woman behold her own magic during birth. I assure my clients get there safely by educating and supporting them every step of the way.

Tiktok: @yourfavdoula

Phone: (216) 704-5660


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A Little Bit About Me

Tiana Montella MS, RD, LD, CNSC, CD-L is a registered dietitian and certified labor doula. She received her bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University and completed her master’s degree and dietetic internship from Kent State University. Tiana has had experience as an inpatient RD within the Intensive Care Unit and Progressive Care Unit with a focus of nutrition support.

She became interested in birth work and doula services when she felt a calling to be a part of the solution to the black maternal mortality and morbidity rates. This calling was solidified when she personally faced medical and racial bias. Labor and Nutrition Dietitian was born to help women of color be empowered to advocate for their rights to have a better birth experience and provide nutrition education for mother and baby. Tiana serves the Columbus area and surrounding areas.

Contact information:


phone number: 614-282-7714



A Little Bit About Me

RoseAda Watts White is a Wellness Strategist and the owner of Balance360 Health & Wellness, where she works with people to create strategies for healthy habits as an alternative to fad dieting and extreme weight loss tactics. RoseAda holds degrees in Culinary Arts and Nutrition/Dietetics. She is a Certified Fitness Coach and Nutrition Specialist. Her mission is provide resources and tools to show the benefits of fun and flavorful meals without compromising health. She resides in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband and two children.

Wellness Strategist/Nutrition Specialist/Fitness Coach
Owner/Operator-Balance360 Health & Wellness, LLC
ServSafe Instructor/Proctor

Phone: (216)-990-3013



A Little Bit About Me

My name is Malikah Williams, LMT/CEO of A Queen's Touch, LLC. I have been a licensed massage therapist for over 7 years. A Queen's Touch, LLC was founded in March 2019 and has flourished since then. I am a MOBILE massage therapist which means I travel to my clients servicing the Akron,  Canton, Cleveland and surrounding areas of Ohio but I also have an office located in Akron.

 I provide all essentials needed for your luxurious experience and just need a space to work about my massage table or chair. I have experience in many modalities such as relaxation, deep, swedish, prenatal, oncology, migraines, hot stone, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, aromatherapy, sports, cupping, yoni steams, chair, facials and stretch to name a few.

I also make each product using organic and essential oils. My products include aromatherapy roll- ons, sugar scrubs, aromatherapy lotions, hand sanitizers, beard and hair oil and herbal blends for the yoni steams. 

Touch is a vital part of every human's interaction and well being. There are several studies correlating touch and humans and their overall wellbeing with and without it. Massage has truly been my calling and I love what I do because it's very rewarding healing one person after just one session!

I offer a referral program and when you refer three people to me, you receive an hour free of your choice and will only be responsible for the travel fee and tip. There are also different specials each month ranging from 10-30% off services, products or gift certificates so keep an eye out. So book your service(s) today!

My contact information is as follows:

Phone: 330.256.9130



Location: 1557 Vernon Odom Blvd suite 103

Akron,OH 44320



A Little Bit About Me

Hello! My name is LaToya, and I am a Licensed Massage Practitioner. I obtained my license in 2007 at the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board. In 2012 I geared my Continuing Education courses to focus more on massage and I became a Relaxation and Hot Stone Massage Specialist, with this very License. In 2018 my Continuing Education Courses lead me to become an overall Massage Practitioner in all areas. This is when I created my business, Mobile Bliss: Massage by LaToya. Over the years I have worked in a few Spas and Salons, but they did not have the environment that I wanted to create. I wanted my clients to feel their most comfortable without distractions of the busy life. Chemical smells and loud backgrounds. My passion is to help others to SLOW DOWN and take a moment to relax. Massage has been seen as a luxury; however, it is a necessity. The more we care for ourselves, the better we can show up in the world in our greatest form. In addition to my Customized Relaxation Massages, I also do Customized Facials and Pedicures. Just recently I became certified in Crystal Healing/Chakra Balancing and Reiki. I believe in using our natural gifts and talents for all our wellbeing. Just as important as it is to eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water and getting sun light… our muscles, bones and energy fields of our body needs that same attention and care. It is my duty to share this gift and I am happy to do so in this space!

Phone. (234) 425-0619

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