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Certified Midwife Assistant Program
(In Person Mock Training)

Labor in Love Midwife Assistant Certification program is an extensive and hands on training program. In this program you will learn how to assist during parental, labor and during the postpartum period.
You will have hands on training and learning on how to take vitals, palpate a pregnant belly and listen to fetal heart tones from real pregnant people!
You will learn what do during a labor and birth as well as postpartum
After your class you will be assigned to a midwife close to your area, where you will go to 9 prenatal visits, 3 births and 6 postpartum visits and will be supplied with a doppler, blood pressure cuff and pulse ox!
After all the requirements are meet you will receive your certification and could work with any midwife in the state!

Midwife Assistant Program: The Clinic

Things you will need

There are a few things you will need to have before and after class


  • Read Hearts & Hands by Elizabeth Davis

  • Examination of the Newborn by Anne Lomax

Classes you will need to take additionally for this class (can be completed up to 3 months after class)

  • BLS (Basic Life Support) Now Included!

  • NRP (Neonate Resuscitation Program)

Midwife Assistant Program: Welcome
Couple and Surrogate Mother_edited.jpg

Things You Will Learn


You will learn how to do a full prenatal! You will learn how to take fetal heart tones, feel for position of baby, how to read a urine sample and take blood pressure


Learn how to chart prenatals, labors, newborn exams, and postpartum visits.

Labor and Birth

Learn how to set up the birthing area and take care of birthing families and midwife

How to Support Your Midwife

Learn how to support midwives and families they serve during prenatals, labors, births, and during the postpartum period.


Learn about holistic nutrition to help support a healthy pregnancy and labor


Learn how to do a full postpartum visit. Learn how to weigh and do respirations, heart rate, reflexes of a newborn and more!

Birth Emergency

Learn how to identify and treat emergencies during labor, birth and postpartum

Herbs in Labor

Learn what herbs to use and when to use them during labor, and birth.

Midwife Assistant Program: Services


First Part Start

May 19th-May 21st 2023

Second Part 

May 26th- May 28th 2023


10808 Ravenna Rd, Twinsburg, OH 44087

Midwife Assistant Program: Registration
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