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Labor in Love

Holistic Maternity Care

What We Offer

Care Tailored to You

Labor in Love is here for you before, during and after delivery. We believe that every parent has a right to comprehensive birth education, extensive care during labor and guidance in the first months of their child’s life.

Labor in Love is holistic midwifery care that seeks to empower and educate the families we serve.

Labor in Love strives to reduce the infant and maternal mortality rate concerning People of Color by listening to the birthing person and allowing them to make informed decisions about their birth. While giving them the tools to make the right choices for themselves and their family.

Every person is different and every birth is different that's why at Labor in Love you are the boss! We are here to truly serve you and your family during one of the most intimate times of your life

Image by Aditya Romansa
Mother and Baby on Floor

Childbirth Preparation

Here for You throughout Your Pregnancy

Advanced Testing & Monitoring

Listening to Your Needs, Offering Our Knowledge

Delivery & Postpartum Support

Care for birthing person and Baby

The Team


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Prenancy in White

Opening Hours

Canton, Ohio

Monday - Friday

10am - 5pm

Saturday and Sunday


Contact Us

Phone 330-806-0994

Fax 330-266-4406

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